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The Art of Scandal

 Available on August  1, 2023 from Grand Central Publishing

On the night of her Mayor husband's 40th birthday, Rachel Abbott receives a sexy, explicit text from her husband, which she quickly realizes was meant for another woman. They’re at a crossroads and divorce is inevitable, but Rachel is determined not to leave her thirteen-year marriage with nothing. Meanwhile, Matt, the rising star of a Kennedyesque political dynasty with eyes on the White House, can’t afford a messy split in the middle of his reelection campaign. They strike a deal: Rachel gets one million dollars and their lavish house in the wealthy DC suburb of Oasis Springs if she agrees to keep playing the perfect Black trophy wife until the election.


Amid the forced smiles of photo shoots and donor events, Rachel begins to rediscover herself as the ice queen persona she needed to survive in her husband’s privileged world unravels. When she meets Nathan Vasquez, a very handsome, very lost twenty-six-year-old artist, their connection makes her forget about being the perfect politician’s wife. In turn, Rachel reawakens Nathan’s long-dormant artistic aspirations, but she’s also an off-limits reminder of the status-hungry world he walked away from years ago.
As Rachel and Nathan’s feelings grow, their attraction becomes impossible to resist. But secrets are hard to keep in a town like Oasis Springs, and Nathan is hiding a few of his own. With the risk of scandal looming and their hearts on the line, they’ll have to decide whether the risk of losing everything is worth taking a chance on love.  

Content Warnings: panic attacks, loss of a parent, cancer diagnosis, recreational drug use

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