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Exclusive THE ART OF SCANDAL Preorder Gifts from Paper Hearts Bookstore

Receive a limited edition bookmark and an exclusive "art museum" postcard.

Art plays such a major part in the book that I knew I wanted to commission something unique to celebrate the book release. I'm so thrilled to offer this beautiful character art from one of my favorite illustrators,

Maëlys Chay, as an "art museum," postcard when you preorder from Paper Hearts Bookstore. Maëlys did an outstanding job illustrating the first meeting between Rachel and Nathan at a local drive-in. If you've already read the book, you'll recognize so many details from that moment, including the popcorn planter, the whisky bottle, and a very specific movie playing on the big screen behind them. She’s such a wonderful artist and a dream to work with. You can see more of her work on Instagram here.

I'm so excited to offer this lovely gift along with a limited edition paintbrush bookmark to those of you who order from Paper Hearts Books. The preorder link is below.

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